Gothenburg’s Guide Service

Welcome to Gothenburg's Guide Service!

Welcome to Gothenburg’s Guide Service!

Those seeking to discover, explore and gain insight to the wonderful West Coast Gothenburg, have come to the right place and need not be disappointed.

Gothenburg’s invitation embraces not only fabulous parks, theatres, art galleries, seafood restaurants and hotels but importantly the wonderfully friendly people.

With a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge Gothenburg’s Guide Service has the competence and the language skills to ensure your visit is memorable, interesting and above all, fun. Welcome once again. Let’s talk and meet soon.

Ingrid Johansson

For almost 30 years I’ve worked as an authorised guide with groups and individuals from all over the World, in and around Gothenburg. The commissions, on foot, coaches, the famous Gothenburg trams and on boats have been varied, exiting and always fun. Born and bred in Gothenburg it’s my pleasure to showcase and promote my home city and its surroundings to guests from far and near.

I speak Swedish, English and German. My specialities are the West Coast archipelago, the coastal areas and include the pulsating port of Gothenburg. I am also available for lectures on the city and its interesting history. I look forward to seeing you soon.

You can reach me at +46 (0)707 27 12 55.

Franziska Vikgren

Born and bred in Switzerland, I came to Gothenburg in the late 1970:s and trained to become an authorised guide. My studies at the University of Gothenburg gave me special insights of Sweden in general and Gothenburg in particular. Insights I love to share with our International visitors.

A speciality near and dear to me, is the Swedish motor vehicle industry. My tours around the Volvo (Latin for “we roll”) car & truck factories and including museum tours of particular interest (and enjoyment). I speak: Swiss German, German, English, French and of course Swedish. I look forward to welcoming you to my new home town, Gothenburg and its fabulous history and surroundings.

You can reach me at +46 (0)705 28 88 16.

Birgitta Ekesand

Born in Gothenburg, I grew up in Argentina and Brazil. I began guide and transfer hostess assignments with my own organisation in the 70’s where I gained extensive knowledge and experience of visitor logistics and tourist hospitality. In 2007 our organisation introduced a fabulous new experience for visitors, “The restaurant tour”. As we in Gothenburg are known for our seafood and dining culture, the inclusion of this culinary delight has been highly praised and met with alacrity by all participants. My tours, traditional and specialities in and around Gothenburg, are conducted in English, Swedish, Spanish or Portuguese.

You can reach me at +46 (0)70 978 16 13.