The Gathienhielm Nature Reserve & The Masthugg Church 1910-1914


Lars Gathienhielm died 29 years old but his wife carried on the buildning of a rope walk. The buildnings were erected between 1780 and 1820 and built for the workers at the naval yard and people working in the marine industry. In this area different clubs are represented such as seamen who have rounded the Cape Horn. In one of the houses the sculptor , Eino Hanski lived. He died in the year 2000 but his widow still lives here. The statue “ The Sailor” was made by him. In one of the houses the Swedish author Viktor Rydberg should have written two of his books.

A tour through The Gathienhielm Nature Reserve & The Masthugg Church 1910-1914 by Göteborgs Guideservice.

From the nature reserve of Gathenhielm we´ll walk up to the Masthugg church, one of the seamarks of Gothenburg. The church was built in 1914. Sigfrid Ericsson was the architect and it was built in a national romantic style. When entering the church you´ll notice the smell of wood from the ceiling made of pine tree. The ceiling looks like a ship turned upside down. At the gallery there are 4000 organ pipes hidden behind the decorations and another 1000 behind the altar. Among the decorations we´ll also find the dragon heads, seen at the best from the lateral aisle. The altar piece, a triptych, is richly coloured – to the right the archangel Gabriel and to the left Micheal. Hanging from the ceiling you´ll find a copy of a ship depicturing the Brig Jave, which used to sail to China during the 18th Centurty.