A walk on Styrsö

Styrsö has four different villages, Tången is still today the place where many of the fishermen live. Around the church we have the ancient part with old buildnings. Halsvik was the rural area und Bratten the youngest part of the island. Our walk takes you up to the church through narrow alleys. After 10 minutes we´ll leave the road and carry on along a public path. After a little while we´ll branch off to a view point where we can see the island and of Vinga with the light house. You can also climb up to the highest point, Stora Rös, a cairn from the Bronze Age. Then the path takes us down through the woods to Brännholmsviken. A bit futher up the road we´ll find the Vikingakyrkogården, which however hasn´t got anything to do with the Vikings. We now carry on down to the ferry stop at Styrsö Skäret.

A walk on Styrsö by Göteborgs Guideservice.